The Story So Far

In 2019, Patrick Scott began his reign as Pro Wrestling TURBO Champion by defeating Tracer X, who has been conspicuous by his absence ever since. Reigning for 679 days, Scott was aided in his conquest by the sinister Kingsgate faction. 


In summer 2021, Kingsgate member Mason Myles was injured, and in the wake of his absence, Kingsgate tag-team Chance Rizer & Donnie Ray’s perfect record was snapped, while the champion’s legendary reign came to an end at the hands of Joshua Cutshall. In January, The Kingsgate became whole again, defeating the TURBO All Stars in a 4 on 4 match to re-stake their position at the top of TURBO.


Multiple new tag teams have started to emerge in Pro Wrestling TURBO, raising questions about a potential new tag-team championship. “Forever Young” Devin Cruise has formed his own posse to protect the 4 Bitcoin he won in a ladder match; meanwhile, Dean Richards has turned his career around, ending his 3 year long streak, and subsequently striking an alliance with fellow hockey enthusiast Wade Adams.


In an effort to push himself to new levels, “Mad Dog” Josh Powers has placed a bounty on his own head, daring any outsiders to step through the forbidden door and attempt to defeat him in the contest known only as “Mad Dog Mayhem.”