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The Story So Far

In October 2019, Patrick Scott first captured the Pro Wrestling TURBO World Championship, and would reign for almost two years, aided in his conquest by the sinister Kingsgate faction. In August 2021, Joshua Cutshall ended Scott's historic reign. Josh Powers metamorphized into the "Mad Dog," placing a bounty on his own head in an effort to push himself to new levels of superstardom through his unique Mad Dog Mayhem match rules.  One year later, Josh Powers defeated his career rival Patrick Scott to become #1 contender to Cutshall's title, and The Kingsgate went into exile.

Dean Richards experienced a career renaissance after snapping a 3 year long losing streak in 2021. Meanwhile, perennially beloved fan-favorite Spirit Machine TK experienced a slide in his success, resulting in him turning his back on the fans at the beginning of 2023, and targeting Richards with a series of attacks.

In 2022, a proliferation of new tag teams have emerged in Pro Wrestling TURBO, bringing about the TURBO Tag League to determine TURBO Tag Team Champions. Additionally, the innovative TURBO Scramble Championship was born, existing to only be defended in free-for-all matches, and that the champion can convert to a World Championship opportunity after 3 successful defenses. Due to COVID, Cutshall had to withdraw from his defense against Josh Powers, setting up a WILD turn of events that BK Westbrook walked out of as Interim World Champion AND Scramble ChampionWrestleRanger would subsequently capture the Scramble Title, attracting the attention of newcomer Airicademia, and her concerned father, Solar.

At TURBO's 5th Anniversary Show, The Mad Dog dethroned Westbrook for the Undisputed World Championship, just for an imposter WrestleRanger to turn in his Scramble Title and steal Josh Powers' moment, immediately after revealing Patrick Scott under the mask. Earlier in the night, TK was successful in being the first person to beat Dean Richards in 2 years, with TK's own cherished hair on the line...

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